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  1. 2009.08.21 mythtv: pulseaudio

mythtv: pulseaudio

Posted 2009.08.21 13:36

mythfrontend를 실행했더니 아래와 같은  에러 메시지를 출력하면서 실행이 되지 않음. 


mythtv[at]DVR01:~$ mythfrontend
2009-06-21 21:27:45.714 mythfrontend version: trunk [20731M]
2009-06-21 21:27:45.728 ERROR: ***Pulse Audio is running!!!!***
2009-06-21 21:27:45.728 ERROR: But MythTV has not been compiled with Pulse


configure 실행 후 config.ep를 분석해 본 결과 아래와 같이 audio_pulse 관련 라이브러리가 설치되지 않은 거 같음.

check_lib pulse/version.h pa_get_library_version -lpulse
check_header pulse/version.h
BEGIN /tmp/mythtv_conf.IE09PfjK.c
    1   #include <pulse/version.h>
    2   int x;
END /tmp/mythtv_conf.IE09PfjK.c
gcc -D_ISOC99_SOURCE -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=200112 -std=c99 -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -pthread -fomit-frame-pointer -E -o /tmp/mythtv_conf.iVh83j17.o /tmp/mythtv_conf.IE09PfjK.c
/tmp/mythtv_conf.IE09PfjK.c:1:27: error: pulse/version.h: No such file or directory


pulseaudio-libs-devel 을 설치




위와 같이 설치후에 configure를 다시 실행하면 아래와 같이 "PulseAudio support"가 "no" 에서 "yes"로 변경된다.


[root@localhost mythtv]# ./configure
# Basic Settings
Compile type              release
Compiler cache            symlink gcc
DistCC                    no
qmake                     /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.5.2/bin/qmake
install prefix            /usr/local
runtime prefix            /usr/local
CPU                       x86 x86_32 (model name : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU         E8400  @ 3.00GHz)
big-endian                no
runtime cpu detection     no
yasm                      no
MMX enabled               yes
MMX2 enabled              yes
3DNow! enabled            yes
3DNow! extended enabled   yes
SSE enabled               yes
SSSE3 enabled             yes
CMOV enabled              yes
CMOV is fast              no

# Input Support
Joystick menu             yes
lirc support              yes
Video4Linux sup.          yes
ivtv support              yes
HR-PVR support            yes
FireWire support          no
DVB support               yes [/usr/include]
DVB-S2 support            no
HDHomeRun support         yes
IPTV support              yes

# Sound Output Support
PulseAudio support        yes
OSS support               yes
ALSA support              yes
aRts support              yes
JACK support              no
libfftw3 support          no

# Video Output Support
x11 support               yes
xrandr support            yes
xv support                yes
XvMC support              yes
XvMC VLD support          yes
XvMC pro support          no
XvMC libs                 -lXvMCW
VDPAU support             yes
OpenGL video              yes
OpenGL vsync              yes
DirectFB                  yes
Fribidi formatting        yes
MHEG support              yes

# Misc Features
multi threaded libavcodec yes
Frontend                  yes
Backend                   yes

# Bindings
bindings_perl             yes
bindings_python           yes

Creating libs/libmythdb/mythconfig.h and libs/libmythdb/mythconfig.mak

[root@localhost mythtv]#


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