Disable PackageKit Update Applet

PackageKit is intended to be a great feature introduced in Fedora 9. Certainly not for me and like minded. It is rather an annoyance. It tries to update software on the computer without giving much information. It launches itself when you login to gnome and starts doing package management mysteriously. It corrupted my RPM database today. I had to rebuild the RPM database to get yum working again. Yum would simply hang and the yum processes never finished. They kept on running in the background. I thought disabling it would be a good idea. Hence I looked in system-config-services aka Service Configuration window. That didn't help. I launched ntsysv hoping PackageKit would be listed there. Unfortunately not.

Here is how you can disable PackageKit Update Applet in gnome desktop environment.

1. Click System
2. Click Preferences
3. Click Personal
4. Click Sessions
5. This launches the Sessions Preferences window. On the Startup Programs tab scroll down the list to find PackageKit Update Applet.
6. Remove the checkbox next to it to disable PackageKit Update Applet.
7. Click Close.

If you want to rebuild your RPM database use

rpm --rebuilddb -v

PackageKit will not bother you again. Neither will it cause yum or RPM database with unattended and interrupted package updates.

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